How to choose a suitable present for a kid’s birthday?

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September 25, 2016

How to choose a suitable present for a kid’s birthday?

Group of adorable kids looking at birthday cake with burning candles

Birthday cakeKids these days! We have heard and used that statement so often lately that we cannot possibly put a count on it. But these kids actually aren’t much different than what we used to be in our time. The only difference is that we grew up in a different set of social norms. Everything changes with time and so did the presents you can give your kids on their birthdays. Some presents are however evergreen such a bicycle or a doll but most presents every kid dreamed of in our time are now obsolete. Let’s find out how to choose a suitable present for a kid on his/her birthday?

Age and Gender

First things first, age is certainly the most important factor when it comes to buying presents so understand that you have to give prime importance to the kid’s age. Buying a walker for a 14-year-old can certainly pass as a joke. Kids grow fast so you need to understand that a toy or present fit for a 1-2-year-old is not at all appropriate for a 3-5-year-old. Ideally, you can place them into 5 categories; newborn – 1 year, 1 – 2 years, 2 – 5 years, 5 – 10 years and 10 – 14 years.

Then comes the gender. Well! Yes there are unisex presents available and yes they can be very suitable but going for a gender specific gift is normally the better idea. Even when buying a unisex toy you can choose a color more apt for the gender such as baby blue for a baby boy and baby pink for a baby girl.

Newborn – 1 year

For a newborn, simple sets of small toys can be a great fit. From birth to first birthday kids are developing their liking and disliking. If you are buying a 1st birthday present it is best you stick to the basics such as; walkers, clowns or winding up toys that can help the mother keep their kids distracted without much effort.

1 – 2 years

Now the 2nd birthday is the first game changer, from here on the kid is now walking on their own so you can now go for items that would help them hold their horses. Well, a rocking pony is one idea or a small cart or may be just may be a set of big Lego.

Birthday cake2 – 5 years

There is a lot of room for different items such as balls, gaming and cartoon figures, artificial swords and simply comic games between this time.

5 – 10 years

Alright, this is the second game changer, now that parents can allow their kids to have water guns, basketball glove, and other sports items along with X-box games you have a broader range of options available.

10 – 14 years

The toughest years in any kids life are these years of change as they start becoming gender conscious which is why a gender specific gift is the wiser choice. From mini-drones to a tablet and from plastic crossbow to a rifle everything is on the list now. Happy selections!!!

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