September 25, 2016

3 Types Of Ride On Toys Kids Will Love

3 Types of Ride-On Toys for Kids Ride-on toys are one of the most popular types of playthings given to children. These are deemed important in the development of children’s psychomotor skills as well as their cognitive and emotional development. When used correctly, these toys can help children develop their cognitive competencies by providing them with the instruments to use in their make-believe play or even in role playing activities. However, there is an ongoing debate as to whether today’s ride-on toys have clearly lost their developmental value to children. Child development experts lament the increasing use of electric ride-on cars instead of the more traditional pedal-powered cars. Proponents of pedal power say that electric ride-on cars have already negated […]
August 24, 2016
Group of adorable kids looking at birthday cake with burning candles

How to choose a suitable present for a kid’s birthday?

Kids these days! We have heard and used that statement so often lately that we cannot possibly put a count on it. But these kids actually aren’t much different than what we used to be in our time. The only difference is that we grew up in a different set of social norms. Everything changes with time and so did the presents you can give your kids on their birthdays. Some presents are however evergreen such a bicycle or a doll but most presents every kid dreamed of in our time are now obsolete. Let’s find out how to choose a suitable present for a kid on his/her birthday? Age and Gender First things first, age is certainly the most […]