3 Types Of Ride On Toys Kids Will Love

3 Types of Ride-On Toys for Kidselectric-car

Ride-on toys are one of the most popular types of playthings given to children. These are deemed important in the development of children’s psychomotor skills as well as their cognitive and emotional development. When used correctly, these toys can help children develop their cognitive competencies by providing them with the instruments to use in their make-believe play or even in role playing activities.

However, there is an ongoing debate as to whether today’s ride-on toys have clearly lost their developmental value to children. Child development experts lament the increasing use of electric ride-on cars instead of the more traditional pedal-powered cars. Proponents of pedal power say that electric ride-on cars have already negated the value of strengthening the kid’s leg muscles because the child now relies heavily on the power of the electric motor to move. On the other hand, for those who espouse the use of electric ride-on cars, they do recognize that while these no longer require leg power, it still is nevertheless useful in stimulating children’s cognitive development through the use of electronic learning activities built into the kiddie car.

Whether or not you should buy an electric-powered ride-on toy for your kid is entirely up to you. What is important is for you to understand what your kid really likes especially when you have to choose among the 3 types of ride-on toys for kids.

Electric Kids’ Car

These types of children’s playthings run on rechargeable batteries. As we have already said above, they do not force kids to use their legs to run the vehicle. There is a good side to this. Children can focus more on maneuvering the vehicle rather than on straining to pedal. This way they won’t get tired easily allowing them to really have fun. This paves the way for them to use their imagination in a variety of ways. This can then lead to the enhancement of their cognitive abilities. This helpful guide on electric cars will give you a real guide on what are the most popular products at the moment.

electric-carsRide On Wagons

These types of ride on toys are one of the oldest and most traditional. If you have ever seen a wagon being drawn by a horse or even a cow before, try imagining a smaller version of that being pulled by your child. This is ideal for older kids as it requires substantial arm muscle strength, superb visual-motor coordination, and the ability to maintain balance whole on the move. It also helps in the enhancement of kids’ cognitive abilities by encouraging them to explore the different ways in which the ride on wagon can be played with.


These kiddie vehicles require absolute sense of visual-motor coordination by children as well as their ability to balance their bodies on a very narrow platform supported only by 2, if not 3, small wheels. Kids have to push with one foot while the other is firmly planted on the scooter’s deck. It takes tons of practice to perfect balancing on a scooter. As such, it is often given to older children.

Kiddie vehicles are excellent instruments in enhancing the cognitive abilities of children. Whether it is electronic, a wagon, or even a scooter, these toys can help your kid develop to his or her full potential.


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